iHeart Radio


IHeart radio is owned by IHeart media and it was founded in April 2008. It broadcasts over 800 and other stations in the media. Along with radio stations they also have the IHeartRadio Music awards.


How it connects on a modern level:

  • Radio network
  • Music commander system
  • Available online, via mobile devices, and on video game consoles
  • On the internet radio users can choose any artist that they want to listen to
  • There is also have a like and dislike button so the listener can rate the station
  • If a user dislikes a song the song will never be played again

How iHeart Radio stands put from the competition:

The Huffington Post did an article in which it directly compared the top online or radio streaming websites and app. iheartradio stood out not only because it is totally free, but because it offers users more than radio audio streaming, unlike most of its competitors Most of the other sites only offer the chance to listen to whatever is playing from pre-selected playlists. iHeartRadio allows you to listen to local stations wherever you may be and to listen to your favorite stations from other places. In conjunction, it also allows you like or dislike the song which helps the djs at the station know what songs are popular or not in real time. Aside from those things, it allows you to make and create your own custom playlists from tracks or artists that you like. Overall, it provides the best opportunity for you to have it all. It does what others can do plus more, and this option is totally free

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